Monday Media: One World Media Awards

On May 8th, the One World Media Award in the “Children’s Rights” Category was awarded to documentary journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas for his excellent documentary through Al Jazeera English: “Africa Investages: Spell of the Albino.”

Here’s what the One World Youth jury had to say about the winning documentary: ‘Africa Investigates: Spell of the Albino’ was extremely informative, shedding light on a new issue. It took action, made a difference and could potentially save lives – very rare and difficult to achieve. Although some of the images were shocking, they were never gratuitous – the investigation certainly captured the attention of the audience.’  –One World Media

Congratualtions to Mr. Anas for bravely bringing attention to this ongoing crisis!
If you would like to watch Mr. Anas’ award-winning documentary for yourself, here it is:

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