Monday Media: When it Pays to Tweet

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An interesting comment on the power of Twitter:

Arijit Guha, an Arizona graduate student who had to undergo expensive treatment for colon cancer while under a capped student health plan, took his frustration to Twitter. Distressed at having $118,000 of un-reimbursed medical expenses, he began tweeting about the injustice of it all, including the Twitter handles for Aetna, the insurance company, and its president. Low and behold, Aetna’s chief executive, Mark T. Bertolini, answered. After an extended tweet conversation, Mr. Bertolini called Mr. Guha and agreed not only to cover all of his medical expenses, but to restructure the way that Aetna provides medical insurance to graduate students.

Ah, the power of Twitter.

You can read the full story from the New York Times Well Blog here.

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2 Responses to Monday Media: When it Pays to Tweet

  1. A good reminder of how Twitter can work– have you seen the recent buzz in writer’s communities about taking Twitter back from spammers and bots and building true community? I had given up on Twitter as a true social tool but have been lured back in by a few communities seeking to reclaim Twitter. (#myWANA) Of course, stories like this one from Mr. Guha take “Twitter Power” to a whole new level! (Reminds me of Heather Armstrong of fame and her w/d debacle).

  2. Courtney, I am still finding my feet on Twitter… but I agree: it is a great tool when used by real people, but a hassle and a half when used for spamming. I wasn’t aware of the #myWANA & Armstrong stories– I’ll have to go look into them. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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