Wednesday Writing: Waiting

Short post tonight since I spent most of my blog-writing time drafting a comparable titles post for the class of 2k13 blog. It’s basically a “If you liked X, then you’ll like GOLDEN BOY comparison & it’ll be up tomorrow, at 10:30 am and you should go check it out then!


So: here is the abbreviated update on my writing life. I’m waiting. Waiting for first pass pages, those fabled creatures that are the last step before your ARCs go into production… the last time you can change things without costing your publisher money. Even more delightful, it’s rumored that my turnaround time for a full-book review of these first pass pages will be at most 24-48 hours. And so, I have my work on alert that I could be taking a personal day with no notice… I have an undated sub plan sitting on my desk… and I refresh my inbox every few minutes waiting for the sword of Damocles to fall.

I could say there’s not much to write… but THAT my friends, is exactly the point of my post today. What, you ask, should one do while waiting for first pass pages (or a reply from an agent query, or ARCs, or an editorial letter… fill in the blank with your current nail-biting wait, whatever it may be)? Well, the answer is: keep writing! Okay, maybe you can’t do anything productive on project 1, the one you’re waiting on a response for, but you CAN start project 2, a terrible first draft of project 2 to be fixed later… or you can read up on books in your genre (okay that’s not writing but it is writing-related research)… or you can blog or do marketing or whatever. Just don’t freeze.

Deer that stop in headlights get hit. Deer that bound over zooming mac trucks bounce off to future happy grazing in sun-dappled meadows.

Be that second deer, and work your way through your waits.
Happy writing!

About Tara Sullivan

Author of GOLDEN BOY (2013), THE BITTER SIDE OF SWEET (2016), and TREASURE OF THE WORLD (2021). Published by Penguin Books for Young Readers Find out more at Or, follow me on Twitter: @SullivanStories
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2 Responses to Wednesday Writing: Waiting

  1. I love a morning post that tells me to bound in front of a mac truck! HA! You are funny, Tara Sullivan.

  2. Thanks! … some mornings that’s what it feels like, no? 🙂

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