Monday Media: SWAG re-blog

What the Apocalypses bought for debut year SWAG. Image from A.C. Gaughen's post.

What the Apocalypses bought for debut year SWAG.
Image from A.C. Gaughen’s post.

Hello, everyone.

Today is a bit of a mish-mash: a post on how to create that all-important multi-media experience of your book, SWAG!

Only one catch… I didn’t write it! 🙂

So head on over to A. C. Gaughen’s blog & read her very cool post about what SWAG you really need as a debut author.

… Then come back and leave me a comment here: what GOLDEN BOY swag would YOU like to see?

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7 Responses to Monday Media: SWAG re-blog

  1. Judy Kuntz says:

    Definitely the bookmark and stickers.

  2. Not sure how I feel about swag. Maybe because I’m middle grade I can’t see the sense in it? I guess I’ve witnessed that too many kids “die” to have something given to them, and then it ends on the floor of the car on the way home. Maybe swag is only for librarians and bloggers? Is this the point?

  3. I think stickers would work well for fantasy middle grade, Jennifer. As a parent you’d cringe at where the stickers might end up. But free advertising if they stick it outside somewhere or on their notebooks at school.

    As for Golden Boy bookmarks and postcards are the way to go. The story is a little serious for stickers.

  4. Interesting, Jen… I too sometimes have trouble seeing the real utility of SWAG… but EVERYONE does it, so it must be useful, right?

  5. So far, polling my kids at school has netted a high preference for wrist bands. Ew.

  6. That’s… something I wouldn’t have thought of.

  7. Yeah, I know. Me neither!

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