Back to Blogging!

It’s been a crazy few weeks… I realize as I type this that it’s been even longer than I thought… let’s make that a crazy two months, but I am now back to blogging!

A quick update. Since you last heard from me I have:

  • brought 20 American kids home safely from Spain… and hosted 20 Spaniards safely here;
  • sold a house… and bought a house;
  • hit the half-way point on my next book… and hit the 2-months-till-my-release-day point for my debut;
  • had some really exciting news about Golden Boy, which I will feature in future blog posts… reviews, launch party scheduling… lots to talk about;
  • and, last but not least, continued to teach full-time in the background while all of this was going on!

So there you have it. Life. It just kinda got ahead of me and blogging fell by the wayside. But, no fear: I’m back to my roughly-twice-a-week blogging schedule as of now.

Happy Sunday night, everyone: talk to you soon!

About Tara Sullivan

Author of GOLDEN BOY (2013), THE BITTER SIDE OF SWEET (2016), and TREASURE OF THE WORLD (2021). Published by Penguin Books for Young Readers Find out more at Or, follow me on Twitter: @SullivanStories
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2 Responses to Back to Blogging!

  1. Jan Hofstee says:

    Thank you for blogging today! Have been concerned since the last we heard was from Spain… And after the news from Boston this week, it is wonderful to know you and your husband are well!!

  2. Jan,
    Thanks so much for your note! Yes, Nick & I are both fine and, though this past week was a tough one, things are going well for us overall.

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