Wednesday Writing: Discussion Guide

I am very excited to announce that I can unveil the teacher’s guide for GOLDEN BOY!

I’m really, really happy with how it turned out. The questions range from easy find-the-answer-in-the-text to really pretty deep (“How does a person’s upbringing and environment impact their self-worth?”). And I love-love-love the Extension Activities & the Arts Infusion. A huge thank you to Laura Paradis and Jenny Pray of the Southwood Academy of the Arts for putting it together!

It’s going to live permanently on my “Resources for Teachers” page so you can always find it there if you want to download a pdf version of it, but HERE IT IS:

Spoiler alert: some of the questions hit on key parts of the book.

Golden Boy_DG

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Author of GOLDEN BOY (2013), THE BITTER SIDE OF SWEET (2016), and TREASURE OF THE WORLD (2021). Published by Penguin Books for Young Readers Find out more at Or, follow me on Twitter: @SullivanStories
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  1. Theresa Cook says:

    Loved reading this thank yyou

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