Monday Media: NYT Besteller Lists

PW BookshelfThanks to the PW Children’s Bookshelf mailing (a fantastic mailing if you’re at all interested in books for children & teens or want to know more about the market & it’s related news!) for another fascinating article:

Laura Hazard Owen of PaidContent reports: NYT upgrades children’s bestseller lists for a digital era

The New York Times has been publishing a children’s bestseller list since 2004… but, as of December 16th this year (i.e. the list that will be available online this Friday!), this list is about to change in two very meaningful ways:
1. The list will now be broken into two lists: Young Adult and Middle Grade.
2. The “bestselling” ranking will now be determined by both print (hardcover & paperback) and ebook sales.

We believe these changes represent the best traditions in the way children read as well as the future of young people’s literature. Something for all ages, for the ages. That is — as all Y.A. dystopia readers know — until the next wave of technology comes along.
-The NYT, quoted by PaidContent

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